What’s New in Remedy 18.05?

BMC has released the new Remedy 18.05. With this release, BMC is moving to a time-based release numbering for Remedy. Each release number is selected by the targeted release date. 18.05 represent the fifth month (May) of 2018.

In this blog, I would like to share with you on the enhancement in Remedy 18.05 as following:

New CMDB User Experience

New CMDB Explorer to view CIs and relationships The CMDB Explorer has an easy-to-use interface to view configuration items (CIs) and their relationships. You can select CIs from search results, normalization error lists, completeness exception lists, and so on to open them in CMDB Explorer.
CMDB Explorer supports customization of tooltips, labels, CI icons, and relationship colors You can customize the tooltips, labels, and other components in the CMDB Explorer.

Benefit: To get a better understanding of the CI environment and relationships for easier understanding of the environment and configuration item (CI) relationships.

Enhanced search with custom search options The new search widget includes various options that are customized to help you easily find the CIs that you are looking for. You can perform a simple search or an advanced search that enables you to narrow your search to specific types of CIs or to create your own customized search.
Move CMDB Definition Type across environments You can now efficiently move CMDB Common Data Model (CDM) definitions from the development or test environment to the production environment use the Remedy Deployment Application


Smart IT Enhancement

Architecture Simplification MongoDB is no longer needed, as social data will be stored in the Remedy ITSM Database.

Benefit: Fewer servers required, saving resources and reducing operational effort

Improved Smart IT UI Configuration Administrators can reconfigure forms by adding, moving, or removing fields, including custom fields, and by implementing expressions to make dynamic changes to field visibility, access, and optionality. Enhanced Provider Actions enable integration of server-side custom workflow directly into the UX
Integration with BMC Digital Workplace Advanced Customer’s previously submitted DWP service requests are visible within Smart Recorder and can be reviewed in detail. DWP service requests are also accessible via Global Search and the Person Profile screen.


New Remedy Management Console

The Remedy Management Console enables management of all operations across the server group along with the following features:

  • Ease of monitoring operations and administration in a server group.
  • Visibility into server queues for critical processes.
  • One click operation to start or stop server processes and enable or disable logs
  • Apply configurations settings consistently to all servers in a server group.
  • No existing configuration or management screen is affected. The existing screens are still available with the same functionality. The Remedy Management console is an additional interface that provides cross-server capability.

As a best practice use the Remedy Management Console to manage the configurations stored in the Centralized Configuration.

License Management enhancements

The License Management enhancements introduced in this release aims to simplify the following:

  • Configuring license limits
  • Assignment of licenses
  • Consumption of licenses
  • Analytics and reporting of license consumption

Identification and Management of Personal Data for Data Privacy and GDPR

The Remedy 18.05 solution provides capabilities that help administrators address the personal data protection and privacy requirements associated with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A utility is created to handle data privacy requests in Remedy Action Request System, Remedy with Smart IT, and Remedy Smart Reporting.

Deployment Application Enhancements

Enhancement including:

  • Integrate custom application with BMC Remedy Deployment Application
  • Promote an application object across development, QA, and production environments by adding them to deployment package.
  • Promote CMDB CDM definitions across environments
  • Role-based access to create and deploy a package
  • Command line interface to manage a package
  • Protect your environment by importing BMC signed packages

For more information, you can refer to BMC Docs.

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