What’s New in BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 19

BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 19 has been released! In this blog, we will cover about the key enhancements within this release.

CMDB Enhancement

  • New page control in Remedyforce CMDB. User able to quickly see the total record count and number of page and will be able to set how many record to be displayed per page and also able to quickly navigate to the desired page
  • Title bar identifies selected class of the CI help you to never lose track of where you are within the CMDB
  • Column Filtering to enable user to quickly filter data by selecting the column header. Filter will be dynamic based on the field/column type (example date, dropdown, etc). New Clear Filters icon added as well
  • Instance Name column locked when user try to scroll horizontally.

Self Service Enhancement

  • Configurable approval list for user to be able to see only the remedyforce approval
  • Configurable option for approver to see the approval history and complete record details including the attachment
  • New feature to facilitate approval of multiple records at a time
  • If the approval process has been setup in such a way that the approver must select the next approver, approver will be prompted in the self service to select the next approver.

Service Catalog Enhancement

  • User will be able to save the request as draft for up to 10 requests
  • New feature to identify source of incidents and services request created for the salesforce mobile app
  • Feature to exclude fields on ticket submission using Ticket Page Layout.

Broadcast Display

  • New broadcast option to show as message scroll
  • Interval of the scroll will be configurable. One broadcast will be displayed at a time based on the interval
  • User able to view all broadcast by click on the broadcast.

Remedyforce Value Adoption Dashboard (earliest known as Remedyforce Utilization)

  • Value adoption assessment will be based on the adoption of the features
  • Badges for the dashboard will be unlocked at two thresholds: 50% and 90%.

Chat with Remedyforce Support

  • Engage with Remedyforce Support just in time
  • This feature enabled automatically as of this release and will be available to Remedyforce Administrator who has the Remedyforce Administrator checkbox selected on the user record and email registered with BMC Support ID


  • Charts no longer require flash. All charts are converted to HighCarts now
  • To address security concern, Javascript code is now launch from a visualforce page, effectively moving the code from being executed in the salesforce domain to the visualforce domain
  • New column filtering in the Remedyforce Console as well
  • Support for BMC Helix Discovery
  • New fields added for the service target reporting purposes such as Relative Elapsed Time in Minutes, Relative Elapsed Time in Days(s) HH:MM, Relative Time Remaining in Minutes, Relative Time Remaining in Day(s) HH:MM, Relative Paused Duration in Minutes, Relative Paused Duration in Day(s) HH:MM and Job Run Time.

Hope you find this article useful. You can find more information on BMC sites. Thank you!

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