What’s new with BMC Remedy & ITSM version 9.0

BMC has announced the announcement of AR Server version on 6 Jan 2015. Here are the lists of major enhancements with the AR Server platform capabilities.

BMC has announced the announcement of AR Server version on 6 Jan 2015. Here are the lists of major enhancements with the AR Server platform capabilities.


What’s New in AR Server 9.0

 API enhancements

C API support for associations- BMC Remedy AR System provides C API support for the new associations object.


RESTful API to simplify integrations between platforms

This functionality will make the integration easy with Cloud /SaaS applications.


Global archive schedule

Using this feature we can set archive feature using Mid-Tier which will save the form modification efforts.


Restrictions for users and groups

Users cannot create other users with more administrative rights than yourself, and you cannot modify your own rights.


Archive Manager Console

Archive Manager Console for managing archive process using this console we can configure archiving, export and deletion of archive data.


Centralized configuration

Configuration data is stored in new centralized configuration forms and reflected in the ar.cfg configuration file. This means we can make the configuration changes by editing the values in a form.


Service operations monitoring

We can now monitor the number of emails sent and received from AR System server in an hour.


Limiting entries in a report

Earlier we can restrict the number of records in web reports but this version will give more functionally for limiting the entries in report.


Full-Text Search enhancements

In a server group environment, Full Text Search (FTS) can be configured for High Availability so search requests are completed even when a server in the group becomes unavailable. AR System uses the new Lucene search engine, resulting in searches that are about three times faster and indexes that are about 40 percent smaller than the earlier releases.


 What’s New in Mid-Tier 9.0


Mid-tier response time monitoring

We can monitor the bandwidth, latency, page load time for mid-tier response time and last transaction time.


Clustering support for mid-tier

Mid-tier can run in an Apache Tomcat cluster environment.


Multitenancy in mid-tier

Mid-tier can be used as a multitenant application. It can be configured as a shared service so that mid-tier can serve requests from multiple customers.


Skins administration for users

This enables any user to configure and modify skins on the form views by using the Skin Designer role in BMC Remedy AR System. In a multitenant environment, we may can enable tenants to configure skins for their environment.


Search result pagination

We can view a large number of search results in pages instead of single large list. 


What’s New in ITSM 9.0

Below are the major features and enhancements in the ITSM version 9.0


New reporting console introduced

BMC Remedy Smart Reporting is an easy-to-use report writer for non-technical users, delivering drag-and-drop simplicity for formatting and data selection. 


New Archiving feature introduced

Introduces the Archiving feature, which helps you to maintain system performance and to comply with record retention policies by providing a way to remove obsolete records from your production database using a regular, controlled, and predictable process.

Updates to the Data Management Onboarding wizard introduced

Now use the Data Management Onboarding wizard to update certain types of records. We can also configure the Onboarding Wizard to use an LDAP connection to import data.


New utility introduced to promote data or code from development to production environment

Introduces the utility to enable you to promote standard changes effectively and reliably across environments.

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