What’s New Remedy ITSM 9.1 Service Pack 3

In this blog we are trying to summarize the enhancements available in the latest release of Remedy AR System, ITSM version 9.1.03.

In this blog we are trying to summarize the enhancements available in the latest release of Remedy AR System, ITSM version 9.1.03.

AR System Enhancements

1.       New Rich Text Formatting editor

Rich text editor is a simple text editor, which allows you to format the text in the fields. The RTF editor reduces the efforts of formatting the text by providing a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) interface.

The new Rich Text Formatting (RTF) editor provides all key rich-text field editing capabilities. It also supports number of text editing functions and short cut keys. Supports all the features for rich-text fields in BMC Remedy Knowledge Management applications. When the articles content uses standard HTML markup, this RTF editor renders the existing articles without any loss of formatting. It maintains formatting when you copy content from MS Word, MS Outlook, or HTML to the RTF-enabled field.


2.       REST API

The POST operation on Create Entry resource is enhanced. You can request set of fields that the AR System server returns in addition to the URL of an entry. This enhancement allows selecting the parts of the JSON document to return.


 3.       AR Upsert plug-in: AR Upsert

The AR Upsert step is a new plug-in with simplified user interface and with enhanced features. This plug-in uses the checksum mechanism to determine whether to import the source record.


 4.       Row-level Security Enhancement

A new form property field has been introduced as ‘Row Level Security Field’ . Allows to add or remove fields in the Field Id Order for Qualification view. The value of the Algorithm field determines whether AR System uses RLS_SPLIT/regex-based algorithm to generate the SQL query or the traditional OR clause-based SQL query.

Atrium Core Enhancements

5.       New REST APIs

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) based APIs are exposed through REST to reduce hybrid deployment complexity. This allows developer to expose a new set of CMDB Engine APIs through REST that are consumed by third-party applications through RPC. Additional RPC program numbers are added to support the Normalization Engine.


 6.       Pentaho upgrade from version 4.1 to version 6.0.1

The BMC Atrium Integrator which is Pentaho had undergone a major upgrade to 6.0.1. This version has lot of inbuilt steps like REST Client, JSON etc.


 7.       New BMC_CloudInstance class for cloud discovery

A new class, BMC_CloudInstance, is added with BMC_BaseElement class as its parent class to support cloud discovery. This class represents the internal or external services consumed by cloud providers,eg: AWS and Azure. You can represent these services in your infrastructure and service model by using the new class.

ITSM Enhancements

8.       Multi-phase Remedy application installation or upgrade

In the preparation phase, the installer captures the installation parameter values, runs the Remedy Configuration Checker utility to validate the environment, and deploys the required files in the installation directory. At the end of this phase, an options file is generated that contains the installation parameter values and the configuration details. Installation or upgrade phase, the installer performs the installation or upgrade and completes additional logging.

We can now generate a report a detailed report of the time taken (in minutes) by the BMC Remedy ITSM installer to perform the installation or upgrade of the Remedy applications.

Now it supports upgrade of secondary Remedy platform servers in parallel.


 9.       Data Management Enhancements

Now provides the option to select multiple jobs on the Job Console, which enables users to cancel or delete more than one job from Job Console at one time. To make data cleanup more efficient, the time period to retain processed data after a dataload job is completed has been reduced. To ensure efficient onboarding of bulk data, the AR System server configuration parameters Filter_API_time_out, asynch_op_api_timeout, and the private RPC queue have new values. Detailed job error logging and notification content also enhanced.

Smart Reporting Enhancements

10.   New UI for Smart Reporting

Optional left side navigation option introduced. This navigation method provides a more intuitive method for navigating through all aspects of the application.

Smart Reporting now supports Embed report content in external pages and Report queuing for reports that take a long time to run.  New browse, canvas, roles and forecasting features.


11.   New semantic view and out-of-the-box report for BMC Asset Management CI data

This enhancement enables users to view Asset Management CI hierarchical data through reports. The new Business Service CI Hierarchy – Example report helps you understand how CI hierarchy reports can be created based on the CMDB – CI Hierarchy semantic view.


12.   BMC Release and Knowledge Management reports

New dashboard and reports have been introduced for BMC Release Management. These reports release-related details such as release submission trend and number of open releases by priority. Top searched keywords, Percentage of tickets with articles linked and Number of flagged articles. New Incident and Work KPIs help in calculating the performance against targets without creating calculated fields.


13.   Enhanced subquery & AR JDBC

Sub queries allow BMC Remedy Smart Reporting users to create advanced reports which contain data from multiple views and data sources. The new AR JDBC functions allow you to add advanced calculations to your reports.

Remedy Single Sign-On enhancements

14.   Realm support for Local User Management

Now we can associate new local users and roles with a specified Realm. RSSO provides additional information about LDAP users and groups.

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