What’s New in TrueSight Operations v11.0

The new capabilities provide the diagnostic depth and breadth of coverage required to support the digital enterprise.


The new capabilities provide the diagnostic depth and breadth of coverage required to support the digital enterprise.


Enhanced Anomaly View


This assist in understanding the importance of a rare anomaly or outlier a historical trend is required to determine the level of abnormality that has been captured based on previous results. With this we will be able to understand how there was a deviation in log data as well as change and Incident data.


Direct upgrade from ProactiveNet


You can now upgrade from ProactiveNet or Infrastructure Management As part of the upgrade process, you need to migrate the ProactiveNet or Infrastructure Management data.


New installation utility for App Visibility agent for Java


This installation utility can be used for installing, upgrading, and uninstalling. Included also are revised silent install and upgrade files.


Added Operating System Support


Presentation Server and Infrastructure Management Server now support RHL 6.9, SLES 11 SP4, SLES 12 SP2 and Real End User Experience Monitoring now supports Oracle Linux 7.


Authentication Platform Support


TrueSight Presentation Server now supports Remedy Single Sign-On in place of Atrium Single Sign-On with authentication type as local, LDAP/AD and SAML v2.


Launch context-aware applications from events

You can now launch context-aware applications from events and lower your mean time to repair (MTTR) while resolving events. As an administrator, you can enable this capability by creating cross-launch URLs for any application and by specifying a set of conditions that must be present in the event for the URL to be accessible. You can also create cross-launch URLs with no specific conditions.


Server threshold for unique instances

As an administrator, while defining a monitoring policy, you can now set the server threshold for particular unique instances.


Variable to limit the length of the PATROL Agent data

You can use the newly introduced PATROL Agent Setup variable to limit the length of the text string that is sent by the PATROL Agent to TrueSight Infrastructure Management.


License Consumption Data report

TrueSight Operations Management now allows you to generate consumption-based usage reports to understand the value of your applications through their usage (Events, Cis, Performance Data, ITDA and Synthetic monitor).


Server Endpoints Report

App Visibility and Synthetic Monitor now include a Server EndPoints usage report.You can view the details about the number of server endpoints you are using in App Visibility, or TEA Agents in Synthetic Monitor.


Last login time

After a successful log in to the TrueSight console, a Last login time notification displays the time of the last login. This notification can be closed manually by clicking the close button or by navigating to a different view on the console.


Change Password

A new Change Password option is available from the TrueSight console action menu. From the console action menu, users can Change Password and update the new password.


Login and Logout

A two-step logging in has been introduced. The users are required to provide the application domain or tenant ID followed by the user credentials to log into the TrueSight console.


Data Confidentiality for App Visibility Agents

As an application security administrator, you can now define a confidentiality policy to prevent sensitive code-level diagnostics information from leaving the monitored server computer. Sensitive information does not reach the network and is not displayed.


Updated Ciphers for App Visibility Manager

For improved security, weak ciphers were removed and stronger ciphers were added to the App Visibility Manager Server components (App Visibility portal, App Visibility collector and App Visibility proxy).


Secured Communication between an Email server and TSIM

You can now secure the communication between an email server and an Infrastructure Management server by enabling SSL/TLS mode.


New Manage Decryption Key utility

You can now use a Manage Decryption Key utility to add the decryption key to copy decryption key certificate information to the Cloud Probe component of BMC Real End User Experience Software Edition.


View Event Data Annotation and Text Parameters in the TrueSight console

You can now use the TrueSight console to view the data annotation that is generated for an event in the PATROL Agent. Obtain the performance metric data of a text parameter from the PATROL Agent in the TrueSight console.


View deployment status in the Managed Devices page

You can now view the deployment status of a knowledge module on the Managed Devices page.


Customization of configuration files

A customizable configuration file in the TrueSight Presentation Server allows you to override some of the default settings. Your customization is retained when you upgrade.


Configure CI Types as Services

As an administrator, you can now configure different CI Types as Services to monitor them on the Services page of TrueSight console. You can select either predefined CI Types or user-defined CI Types as services.


Search Option for Services

As a service operator, you can now quickly search for a particular service from a list of services on the TrueSight console.


Customized Services Page


As a service operator, you can customize the Services page to suit your service viewing preferences. These settings are individual, user-based preferences and apply only to the Services page.

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