Track-IT! 2018 R2 is now released! With more intuitive, modern, powerful new platform

BMC Software has announced the General Availability of Track-IT! 2018 R2. The new version of Track-It! is built on a completely new platform that offers a full web client experience on supported browsers. The features from the previous version have been greatly enhanced in the new Track-It platform and many more features have been added.


With this new platform, BMC not only continues to show innovation in IT Service Management, but also underlines its position in the Track-It! market. This release represents a major step forward for Track-It! with a completely overhauled platform, new user experience and a great deal more flexibility and functionality than ever before.


User Experience – A completely new, modern, browser-based user experience provides technicians a way to connect from any system with a browser whether it is running Mac, Windows, Linux or even from a tablet. With a cross-browser compatible web interface, help desk technicians have instant access from any system without the need to install a client.


Form Customization

Customize the Track-It! forms to your liking. Add or remove fields, customize their layout, remove menu options, buttons, etc. You can even create completely different forms for different groups of users.


Business Rules Engine

Business rules help you automate processes, communicate with your stakeholders, and ensure nothing is forgotten and every action is completed on time. Turn inbound emails into specific ticket types based on their content. Email an end user one hour after a ticket is closed to ensure they are satisfied, escalate to supervisors if work is at risk of not being completed on time. The opportunities to save time and improve service are almost endless.


Asset Management (powered by BMC Client Management)

Track-It! Asset Management is now powered by BMC Client Management. This provides much more robust discovery, auditing and remote-control functionalities.


Technician Groups

Groups allow you to easily assign a ticket, notify teams of people via email or change permissions for an entire group of technicians.


Data segregation by group

Data segregation further enhances the experience for multiple groups by allowing you to control which data each group can access. Combined with the new form customization this gives you flexibility to let each group see only what they need and in the way they want to see it.


Dashboards with Drill Down

Save time each day by popping open your own custom Dashboard and drilling right into the Tickets that need your attention just by clicking on a section.

Quick Reports

Need quick access to information and you don’t have the time to create a formal report in the reports module? Use the grid view capability in each Track-It! module to produce a quick report that can be exported to HTML or Excel. Simply customize the record view, columns, sorting, grouping, etc. Then click the actions menu and export the data.


Web based reporting

Track-It! 2018 has a new web based reporting tool that allows you to quickly and easily generate a report right from your browser. The new reports wizard helps you build a report quickly. No complex third-party software to install or manage

Web based Remote Control

Quickly solve user problems or walk someone through a training scenario right from your Track-It! interface using Fweb based remote control. You can even connect to users who are outside your company network.


Simplified Administration

Configuration is easier than ever. All settings are organized into logical groups that you can easily browse or search. Additionally, the application makes it clear which settings are critical for smooth operation by highlighting unconfigured settings in red, and showing the completed ones in green.


Multiple Email account support

Track-It! now supports processing of email from multiple accounts. Have users send the Facilities requests to one address, Help Desk requests to another and HR requests to another. Track-It! will monitor all configured mailboxes, creating tickets and routing them according to your preferences.


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