Improve Service Level Agreement

“The decision to switch to BMC FootPrints was right.  This system has helped us a lot during our day to day support and especially so during those peak periods.  Based on the SLA set, system is able to prompt us on those tickets that are going to breach the SLA.  Automated reports able to generate on-time without human intervention.  Thank you and your team for the excellent support that you have given to us during these periods”

– Evelyn Peh, Customer Support Manager

Value Added Services

“Inoks Project Manager added value to our business on-top of what the tool provides”

– Jeffrey Chia, Manager

Understanding Customer Needs

“Able to quickly understand NETS business and functions. This has value added, to providing solution to any new change required of the FootPrints to adapt to new businesses/functions. Well equipped to resolve any issues within FootPrints or any interlink systems to FootPrints. Understand the “customer/buiness” first, seems to be Inoks motto. As they will always look at our business needs to provide realistic and practical solution or even additional suggestion to help or aid in our business processes.”

– Judy Nai, Project Manager

Strong Customisation Skills

“Inoks helped us provide a good customised solution to enhance the out-of-box functionalities and capabilities of RemedyForce to align with our business need and use cases.”

– Bhanu Sharma, Manager

Know the Nuts and Bolts

“Inok Systems knows the nuts and bolts of their solution and take pride on what they do and provides service with his upmost good faith.  5 star recommendation.”

– Travis Chen, Assistant Manager

Supportive of Customer Initiatives

“We appreciate your full support in helping Mitsui & Co. build our service desk system for Asia Pacific region using Salesforce BMC RemedyForce.  As we gradually extend this to other offices in Asia Pacific, we look forward to your continuous support”

– David Matriano, Information Systems


“We would like to say thank you for your help during first implementation of BMC FootPrints.  You are very helpful to us for the given guidance and overcome technical difficulties during implementation.  Thank you again for your help.”

– Steven Kosasih, Manager