List all current Outages on SmartIT

As we know that on Remedy, an Incident can be attached with outages. But unfortunately unlike midtier, SmartIT does not allows you to search the outages by yourself. Instead of giving us the function to do it, the system use Summary fields to compare the Incident and the Outages then list down all those that have similar value.

In order to by pass this limitation, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to midtier.
  2. Login as Administrator
  3. Go to http://<midtier_link>/arsys/forms/<ar server>/SMT%3AAdministration%3A+Application+Data+Source+Queries/
  4. Under ‘Query Name’ field put MYITSM_CI_OUTAGE_GET_BY_CRITERIA, then click Search.
  5. On the ‘Query Value’ change the value as this (:externalQualification:) OR (‘1000001546’ != 2 AND ‘400127400’ = “BMC.ASSET”)
  6. Click Save at the bottom left.

With this, you will force all open outages to be shown on SmartIT Resources.

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