How sure are you that your cloud servers are secured?

“How sure are you that your cloud servers are secured?”

“How sure are you that your cloud servers are secured?” This is the same question as to ask “How sure are you that your kids in a child care center are safe?”. A simple solution (which many childcare centers have implemented) is to install CCTV cameras and you can watch them yourself!

Having a server hosting all your confidential data outside your environment and into the care of vendors is really a leap of faith. There are still times when the vendors require access to the servers, doing patching, scanning or any other maintenance works. Wouldn’t it be great if all their sessions are recorded and played back for audit purposes? This will serve as an advantage to the vendors themselves when cases arise that they need to prove their innocence.

ObserveIT is a software built specially for enterprise surveillance on servers. Not only it records user interactions on the machine itself, all remote access (such as mstsc or putty) are recorded as well! Its lightweight capability doesnt impact performance on the machine at all and on an average uses only 50GB/yr for 100servers! Other fancy features include “recording-in-progress” warning message, whitelisting and blacklisting of programs being recorded, Meta data full search function and a simple to use playback GUI.

For more information on ObserveIT, feel free to contact us directly. We have implemented for several customers including gov sectors. I am sure with ObserveIT installed, you will feel safer with your data flying on cloud servers.

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