XMedius Launches New Version of XM SendSecure File Exchange Platform

XMedius Solutions Inc., a global leader in the field of enterprise communications solutions, today announced that a new cloud version of its XM SendSecure file exchange platform is now available. SendSecure offers a powerful, highly secure and easy-to-use way to exchange sensitive files. The latest version includes new features that improve the overall user experience, such as enhanced secure team messaging and redesigned notifications.

Most security breaches within organizations happen because of careless data handling practices. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, 30 percent of breaches in recent years can be attributed to employee error. A secure, fast and easy file exchange solution is an essential tool for avoiding these risks.

SendSecure has been enhanced to enable colleagues, customers and partners to collaborate on projects with secure team messaging. This allows virtual SafeBoxes to be shared with key team members, like multiple agents at an IT helpdesk, enabling them to manage content as if it was their own. Users are able to invite additional recipients to the exchange while the conversation is taking place. This application is ideal for industries such as healthcare, education, banking, legal, insurance, and government, in which groups need to share messages using a more secure method than traditional email. SendSecure can be accessed either while in the office or on the road using a mobile-friendly application.

“Organizational security should be a top-of-mind priority across all industries,” noted Sébastien Boire-Lavigne, general manager of data solutions at XMedius. “A data breach of any size can have very serious implications for an organization’s finances, operations and reputation. With the latest version of SendSecure, we are making it even easier for groups to communicate securely with internal and external teams while also improving upon our already user-friendly interface.”

SendSecure was designed as an exchange platform that keeps data secure and helps organizations meet GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA, SOX, and other regulatory compliance standards. As a RegTech solution, SendSecure helps organizations meet compliance requirements with secure transfer, ephemeral storage, strong authentication and a comprehensive audit trail. All communications are encrypted both in transit and at rest, and the solution has a double encryption feature that creates and uses split encryption keys to further protect the SafeBox from unauthorized access. Old files are automatically purged based on a customized retention policy set when the temporary SafeBox is created. Once the SafeBox is closed, an audit trail of each user’s communications is created.

New features include:

  • Internal and external secure team messaging allowing the management of common processes and workflows
  • Improved design allowing for a more interactive customer experience for users
  • Personalized email notification to fit an organization’s unique identity
  • Enhanced filtering and notification mechanisms
  • Customizable privacy policy that can be shared with recipients

The latest version of SendSecure is now available worldwide.