Dealing with Isolate Network

Since all of us who implement BMC Discovery has been dealing with an isolated network, there are two method that can be used to do scan these types of network.

Standalone Scanning Tools

Standalone scanning tools is an in-build function of BMC Discovery, where it is intended to be used for simulate the discovery of a system that is unreachable, or one that you are not permitted to scan. The methodologies use is to create a scanner file by running the standard discovery commands on a host and saving the output. Only the standard discovery commands are run on the host; information that is discovered by patterns is not available.

Unix Standalone Scanning Tools documentation:

Windows Standalone Scanning Tools documentation:


Unfortunately, by using this there are some limitation of this approach:

  1. Other than Windows and Unix host, all the other device such as Network, Storage, Container, and Appliances cannot be discovered.
  2. The Scanning Tools must be placed on the targeted devices.
  3. After the Scanning Tools finish scanning, then the result must be taken out from the targeted server and uploaded to the BMC Discovery Consolidator server.


Backup and Restore Mechanism

As the title said, that this will be using native backup and restore mechanism of BMC Discovery.


Just like the previous solution, there are some limitation:

  1. Additional machines are required as a place to do restoration.
  2. Backup and restoration are manual process
  3. Synchronization to consolidator have to be rebuild after the restoration.
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