Cross Launch ticket in SmartIT from Digital Workplace Universal Client (MyIT)

You may have come across a use case where you wanted to cross launch a ticket in SmartIT from DWP (MyIT). This is one of the common requests especially when some of your business users wanted to view more details such as Notes while approving a change request. Even though user can approve the change requests from MyIT there are only basic details available in default DWP Change approval details panel.

Note that these changes will work only with the DWP universal client and you will have to rebuild these changes if you upgrade or apply any patch to the DWP apps folder.

I’ve tested these changes in DWP v18.05 and v18.08.


Here are the steps:

a) This is what we are trying to achieve. Add a hyperlink to the Request ID field so that tickets can be cross launched from DWP.


b) Go to DWP home folder and navigate to below path

<DWP home>DWP/dwp/current/app/scripts


c) Take a backup of ‘views.min.js’ file


d) Open ‘views.min.js’ in a text editor and locate the below section in the template (line 61 in DWP 18.08).

<span ng-bind=”::(\’\’ | i18n) + \’:\'”></span><span ng-bind=getDisplayId(selectedApproval)></span>


e) Now we need to add the hyperlink in the above section.


f) Modify the above section as follows (modifications highlighted in red)

<span ng-bind=“::(\’\’ | i18n) + \’:\'”></span>

 <a ng-href=“{{getDisplayId(selectedApproval)}}” target=“_blank” ><span ng-bind=getDisplayId(selectedApproval)></span></a>


g) Modify the above section as follows (modifications highlighted in red) and save the changes.


h) Open a new DWP universal client window browser Incognito mode and open any request that’s in waiting for approval status.


i) Now we can see the hyperlink enabled for the Request ID field.


j) You can see the hyperlink is URL showing SmartIT in Search view.

k) Now if the user is having required access permission to access SmartIT (Change Management) then user can view the ticket SmartIT search view else access denied error will be displayed.


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