Common ITOM (Discovery) Implementation Project Pain Point – Part 2

When we implement an ITOM discovery project these are some of the common pain points and pitfalls which affects the overall project timeline.


  1. Discovery tools are not perfect. Especially when it comes to discovering new device type (in-house developed). So be clear on explaining the possibility on discovering these devices.
  2. In Discovery process, minimum 4 teams involved
    1. Project
    2. Infra
    3. Application
    4. Security
  3. Make sure all 4 teams are agreeing the method and ways discovery works. Without agreement, do not proceed.
  4. Involve respective teams early while implementing the discovery solution
  5. Do not take assumptions. Always highlight it and get it confirmed
  6. Highlight the risk early
  7. Always keep future in the mind while designing and implementing the solution.
  8. Be innovative
  9. Expect the unexpected things
  10. Keep yourself updated on Windows/Linux/Networking technologies


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