Common ITOM (Discovery) Implementation Project Pain Point – Part 1

When we implement an ITOM discovery project these are some of the common pain points and pitfalls which affects the overall project timeline.


  1. Understand the environment
    1. Clearly define the scope and expected outcome and exit criteria
    2. Don’t accept bigger scope (like 100’s of servers). If needed split it into multiple phases
    3. Involve customer to do hands-on early.
  2. Must have a CMDB Librarian at customer environment
  3. Understand responsibility and accountability for each type of systems and application services
    1. Engage customer resources early
    2. Address their concerns. If there is still resistance, escalate asap
    3. If customer agrees for a scope change and try to reduce the scope on new items
  4. Block the resources timing early
  5. Passwords
    1. Inform how it is handled and security behind
    2. Suggest alternatives
  6. During implementation any issue
    1. Highlight it to project team immediately
    2. You might solve the issue, but it is always good to keep the project team aware of the issue.
    3. Talk to the experts/colleagues – there might be an alternative solution
  7. Try to do more face-to-face meetings rather than communicating through emails
    1. Face-to-face meetings helps to explain the issues or queries. Might get immediate attentions
    2. Always get it in email for confirmation
  8. No response/support from customer
    1. Talk to your project manager or customer project manager.
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