Change Attachment Name File

As we know in Remedy ITSM has a feature to upload attachment file, we can upload attachment file either form SRM, Incident or Change form. When we upload an attachment, sometimes attachment’s name on file is not representing the value of file or maybe file name is contained the sensitive data, so we need to change it. However, BMC Remedy does not have any feature to replace attachment name. So, to resolve this problem we need to create a custom workflow. This custom workflow will be change on DB level. Therefor we use filter Direct SQL to replace attachment’s name.

  1. login to Developer Studio
  2. Create a New Filter
  3. Select Form where attachment is stored (Example: SRM:WorkInfo)
  4. Check ‘Modify’ at Execution Options
  5. Create qualification based on your requirement
  6. Create action Direct SQL:

Update B2181 Set C10001831 = “New_Name_Attachment” Where C1 = ‘$Work Info ID$’


  • 2181 is the schemaid of the SRM:WorkInfo form which has attachment fields
  • C10001831 is the Name of attachment file
  • C1 is a Work Info ID
  1. Save the Filter.
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