BMC Smart Reporting Audits

Ever thinking on how to monitor the overall health of your BMC Smart Reporting System? BMC has provided an out of the box audit reports for your system. Those audit reports allow administrators to monitor different types of activities in BMC Smart Reporting setup. There are 3 main report types as following:

Admin Reports Reports about general system and administration information including performance, session, data source, and view usage.
Content usage reports Reports about different types of contents, including reports, dashboards, and storyboards.
User access reports Reports covering login figures and general user-based information including role and group population.


Admin Dashboard contains followings reports:


  1. Data Source Usage
  2. System Startup
  3. Top N Longest Avg Report Rows
  4. View Usage
  5. Active sessions
  6. Top N Slowest Avg Report Run Time


Content Dashboard including:

  1. Bottom N Users by Report Views
  2. Bottom N Dashboards
  3. Bottom N Reports by Views
  4. Dashboard Events
  5. Dashboard Use
  6. Dashboard User Details
  7. Report Creation and Deletion over Time
  8. Storyboard Events
  9. Storyboard Usage
  10. Theme Usage
  11. Top N Dashboards
  12. Top N Reports by Views
  13. Top N Users by Report Views

User Dashboard including:

  1. User Creation and Deletion Over Time
  2. Top N Users by Login
  3. Group Population
  4. Logins by Groups
  5. Logins by Role
  6. Logins over Time
  7. Role Population
  8. Bottom N Users by Login

After the installation, the audit reports are not available to use yet. You will need to import the xml file into your smart reporting system. You can get the xml file in the installServer\installDirectory\BMC Software\ARSystem\reporting directory. Once imported, the reports will be available to all reporting administrator. If you would like to grant those report to other users, you can open specific roles and grant access to the audit reports as you want.

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