A Free alternative to Zoom/Teamviewer/Webex, in view of Working From Home with the COVID-19 situation

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post or advertisement

Google has a remote software that is relatively unknown compared to big names like Zoom, Teamviewer, Cisco Webex etc.

It is called Chrome Remote Desktop.

It is usable on a Computer and also Andriod/IOS devices.

You will need a Gmail Account and Chrome browser to use it.

Go to https://remotedesktop.google.com/ on your Computer, where you will be prompted to install a extension for Chrome Remote Desktop.

Follow the onscreen instructions, and within a few minutes, you are able to access your Computer remotely via an Andriod/IOS device with the Chrome Remote Desktop app signed into your gmail.

Or you can generate a code that can be given to another party to access your computer remotely (for example, to do remote support).

I have tried it for personal use, and it have good basic remote features and quick to setup.

However, I believe they do not seem to have a built-in chat, nor file transfer.

It may not be feature-rich like other more expensive full-blow business remote software, but for accessing your own devices on-to-go or sharing a screen with another person, it is a free tool that is great and easy to use.


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