Remedy Management Console – Part 2

With the release of BMC Remedy 18.05, a new administrative console is introduced called Remedy Management Console. The existence of this particular console helps to simplify administration of Remedy especially in the Server Group environments.

In the first part of this three-part blog series, we have covered the overview of this new console and touch upon the Server Group Configuration feature. Here, we will cover the second key functionalities when you work with Remedy on Server Group Configuration (which is highly recommended for production use)

Manage Processes

Manage Process provides unified location to manage and view all BMC Remedy-specific services running in your environment with armonitor presence. This is one feature I found practically to be very useful especially when you are working in a company setup where direct access to the production server is not straightforward. There will be time there is a need to restart specific component of the Remedy service due to different reasons and this will help simplify and accelerate the overall process.

You have the flexibility to manage the processes on one specific application server or execute for all. Next, you can select which specific process you need to manage and what kind of operation to perform for the selected process i.e.: start, stop, restart services.

There’s more

In the third and last part of this three-part series blog, we will cover more on how to manage server group configuration related to logs.

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