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81 Closing the Loop Of Continuous Improvement Plan with FootPrints ServiceCore Survey 作者 Mike 21 八月 2014 2070
82 Footprints Integration with SCCM 作者 Darmawan 07 八月 2014 2966
83 CTI, IVR and Footprints – Happily under one roof? 作者 Johnson 24 七月 2014 2690
84 Patch Management With Asset Core 作者 Sam 10 七月 2014 1906
85 Some of the Possible Ways to Integrate with BMC Remedy 作者 Ridhi 26 六月 2014 6020
86 BMC Remedy Knowledge Management (RKM) 作者 Darmawan 12 六月 2014 5336
87 Swiftracker, the Silver Lining in Fixed Asset Management Cloud 作者 Mike Tan 29 五 2014 2155
88 How sure are you that your cloud servers are secured? 作者 Johnson 15 五 2014 1892
89 Why Implement ITIL in Your Organisation? 作者 Sam 01 五 2014 1998
90 What is Remedy for ITSM? 作者 Ridhi 17 四月 2014 2128

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The boom of mobile applications and platforms in the recent years inadvertently created an expectation for end users, that IT should be that simple. A couple taps here and there should get my problems solved. That very expectation enrolled businesses to a race, a race to simplify their IT process and interface, to please their end users as well as their balance sheet.