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BMC Remedy Knowledge Management (RKM)

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BMC RKM is basically a software that can be used to collect, maintain, and to view your knowledge articles which is accesible by both end users and support staff to help them resolved their issue.

RKM can be installed as a stand alone application and also can be integrated with BMC Remedy ITSM applications which can give you more benefits when you resolving an Incident or Problem. If it's integrated you can search the solution in RKM and relate it from your Incident and Problem tickets, you also can propose new solution for your resolved Incident and Problem.

In RKM you can create several different type of knowledge articles, from the very simple FAQ to a complex decision tree which will allow you to progress through a series of steps and decision to solve a problem.

When you create a solution in RKM, you can promote it through approval process before it's published, and after some time if the solution is no longer useful, the RKM Administrator can set it to Retire so it will not be searchable by the users anymore.

Below are the Feature and Benefits of RKM:

- Rich HTML authoring that provides user-friendly, interactive, template-based articles
- Powerful index and search capabilities across multiple sources, including incidents, problems, and known errors
- Flexible authoring processes, including BMC Remedy Action Request System workflow, for automation of article lifecycle
- Powerful natural language search capability

With BMC Knowledge Management, you will:

- Improve service quality through easy accessibility to knowledge information
- Reduce support calls — and costs — by allowing users to search knowledge without involving the service desk
- Access third-party knowledge through integration and indexing of content
- Decrease call abandonment rates and increase first-call resolution rates by improving efficiency
- Keep users and service desks up to date by providing news flashes and watch lists
- Reduce training costs throughout your organization with integrated, self-help knowledge




Random Blogpost

Here I take an attempt to list the enhancements to the BMC Remedy ITSM 9.1.

One of the major enhancements is on the data access. In previous versions of BMC ITSM row level security is achieved using company. If a user has access to Company A in his or her people record, the user has access to all the data (configuration data as well as ticket data).