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The Obscure Art of Fine Balance between Automation and Human Work Pt 2

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With all said in my previous post, The Obscure Art of Fine Balance between Automation and Human Work, the real question is how to achieve that secluded Fine Balance that we are talking about. The magical keyword is…… Flexibility!

How does Flexibility help at all? Well first of all, it is more about the Flexibility of the automation, software mainly. We are taking that Flexibility is primarily “installed” in humans and having the flexibility in your software allows you to tweak that balance. Let’s revisit the example that I have quoted earlier on in the previous post.

How much it would cost to verbally brief the users to change the input of a field versus the cost of hiring programmers/engineers to change the source codes of an application”

In this instance, you would not need to spend exorbitant amount of money to hire people to change the source codes, having the flexibility at hand, changing the inputs of the fields could be done in a few clicks. Not only that, you can also determine the workload and capacity of your employees to determine what is the best solution, leaving the thinking to them or automate that thinking.

To summarize, having Flexibility empowers you to manage that balance and more importantly, keeping both your workers and pockets happy.

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