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ITIL in everyday life

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I had a group of Taiwan friends who came to Singapore and stayed in a hotel. From stepping to the hotel till we got into the room to settle down, I noticed there is traces of ITIL everywhere! Yeah call me a workaholic, but its true!

The front desk receptionist greets us and attends to our service request where an online reservation was made, shows us a Service Catalogue with the prices next to them such as extra bed, minibar menu and laundry services. We made a request to have both rooms on the same floor and she then checks the system (CMDB) on which rooms are available for the few nights.

When we got into the room, we found that the flush was not working in the toilet and called the reception again. As the flush is expected to be working and this is out of the norm, an incident ticket is logged and they replied politely that they will send a plumber up within 5mins to have it fixed (SLA respond time).

When the plumber came to take a look at the situation, he discovered that he needs to replace the whole set of flushing mechanism as some important part are already damaged (problem ticket). He made a swift call to have the receptionist change a room for us for tonight (workaround solution).

There were no rooms left and we got a free upgrade to a business suite! On the desk was a customer satisfaction survey form (CSI) which I filled up with good feedback.

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