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Is your internal network PCI-compliant?

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FootPrints offers integrated, pre-defined compliance templates, such as PCI, with customizable alerts and dashboards and built-in security configuration reports provide instant visibility into your compliance state. From a single pane of glass, you can view all of your devices as a group or individually and know at-a-glance which devices are in or out of compliance.

Compliance rules in the Compliance Manager of the FootPrints Asset Core Management Platform allow to evaluate the current situation of the network population regarding their compliance. The agent collects information on the devices via which it then defines if a device is compliant with company policies and regulations or not, in which case it may restricted its accesses and operations.

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When a company is small with a small IT team of 3 people, it’s easy where all the tickets assigned can be communicated internally. But when it starts growing, assignment, responsibility and ownership becomes a big headache. Let say in a typical environment of a 200 staff IT company. We have the following teams: windows, DB, helpdesk, infra, network, app. And this is just the basic. Sub defined, we still have DB-oracle, DB-SQL, DB-MVS, DB-DWH…. And in 1 team, there’s 2-3 engineers handling the same job, so who should this ticket go to?!