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Sick and Tired of the Blame Game?

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When was the last time you hear something like this…

“No, I did not do anything to the server that caused it to crash/malfunction/slowdown!”

“But only you or the other person accessed the server during that period!”

“It must be the other guy, not me!”

My guess is probably not too long ago. In this day and age, even with restricted access to the servers, scenarios like this are playing over and over all over the world, like a broken record stuck in an infinite loop.

The importance of accountability and visibility has never been more significant as technology becomes the one of the main propellers in launching the business skyward. So when that propeller stops turning, how fast can you answer the 5W’s & 1 H?

Diving through the sea of incomprehensible logs doesn’t promise that sunken black box among the debris on the seabed and makes it nothing more than a series of eye squinting exercise. While the popularity of SIEM software are on the rise, user session monitoring complements them to quickly understand what was the root cause and who caused it, and more importantly, how to fix it and prevent this from happening again.

User session monitoring doesn’t necessary mean going through hours of videos that take up long hours and not to mention the huge disk space. ObserveIT not only takes snapshots and compile into a video, it also records metadata, allowing you to quickly jump to the crime scene.

So, between logs and ObserveIT user session monitoring videos, I’ll take the movie anytime and safely say,

“I know what you did last login.”

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