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Do you have a Edward Snowden as your System Administrator ?

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 Whether Snowden's leaking of NSA's secrets was right or wrong is obviously a subject of debate.  What everyone will agree is that the incident was a major IT security breach.

The more worrisome thing is that a similar breach can also occur in your organisation.  The truth is that in many organisations, a single system administrator or a handful of them have virtually unfettered access to every single piece of sensitive data.  Whether that's the CEO's emails, financial records of a company or the confidential transactions of your major clients.   In most cases these same administrators are also the ones tasked with putting in place security measures and data leakage prevention mechanisms. Talk about the wolf guarding the hen house.

Isn't it high time to put in place systems to monitor the most privileged users of your data ?

Many people are dismissive when we tell them about ObserveIT's user monitoring system.  They already have user logging and audit systems generating data by the gigabytes daily and feel sufficiently protected.  Then we ask them if anybody is looking at those data or is it even possible for non-security experts to make sense out of those data in a limited amount of time. 

ObserveIT user session recording works like a video camera following the administrators anytime they are accessing your system.  It literally captures the screens of the administrators and then augments those screen captures with meta data that allows searching (reactive) and alerts (proactive).

Having ObserveIT in your systems does not make your administrators job harder or more cumbersome.  It isn't an additional set of logins or more passwords or getting another person to key their half of the password.

If you wish to know more about how ObserveIT can help you, please contact us.

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