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Quicker resolution to your users' IT issues

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Imagine this scenario.  User calls up the IT helpdesk to report a problem.  The technician then starts asking what version of O/S, service packs, software version, memory on the PC...etc in order to troubleshoot the problem.  But the user has no clue where to get those information and or is not in a mood to cooperate.  Sounds familiar?

The usual results will be a frustrated user and a SLA clock that continues ticking.

What if the technician could get all those information through a click of a button?  And then proceed to resolve the issue by editing the PC's registry, or taking over the PC to change some settings or even trigger the installation of a new patch?  All these without leaving his/her desk!

With FootPrints you can do just that.  More specifically, the convergence of FootPrints Service Core and Asset Core gives your IT helpdesk all the information and tools on one single interface.  The end results are a rise in user satisfaction and drop in resolution times.

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