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How to Change Report View in Smart Reporting

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In Smart Reporting, after you have finished creating certain report, you may find out that you need to change the view to other view. In this case, you can use the export and import function in the smart reporting to change the view name so that you no need to create the report from scratch.

To export the report that you are willing to change the view name:

1.       Go to Administration > Export

2.       Select Item to Export = Report and select the Report you want to export

3.       Click on Add

4.       Click on Next


5.       Click Export and save the file to your local folder

After finish export, you can now import the file:

1.       Go to Administration > Import


2.       Browse the file you saved in the previous export step and click Next

3.       Change the Report to the View that you want before Import

4.       Click Next


5.       Click Import


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