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How to update a record that using picklist data type in Salesforce

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You might have certain field in your forms that using picklist data type, for example in your form you have Location field which contains a picklist values (New York, London, Washington), now let say you have 100 employee records whose location is New York, and you want to bulk update 75 of them to Washington since they relocate their office from New York to Washington.

You might think that this can be done easily using Data Loader, however upon import you realize although the import messages says it’s successful, when you verify the record none of them were getting updated. This is a limitation of Data Loader.

To update a record that using picklist data type you can use Salesforce workbench, here’s the steps:

1.       Launch https://workbench.developerforce.com/login.php

2.       Login using your admin account


3.       From workbench menu, select Data > Update


4.       Select the object you want to update, then load the import file from your computer


5.       Click Next


6.       Map the field you want to update then click Map Field button


7.       Click Confirm Update


8.       Verify the data it should be updated now




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