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Post 4: Nutshell Series: BMC Control-M Workload Archiving

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In my previous post, I provided an overview on BMC Control-M Workload Change Manager, and in this post I will touch on Workload Archiving. Like the name suggests, it is all about retention of data such as job statistics and logs for audit and reporting purposes.


The overall benefit of this is that the resolution time would be shorten when the need arises and often enough, these audit logs can be source input for SIEM applications.

Random Blogpost

I had a customer who came to me, asking me to derive a ROI for implementing Footprints and ITIL.  I really don’t have an answer for that….. This is like asking “come up with a ROI for buying that screwdriver”. Footprints is a tool and ITIL is a framework, both to aid the IT department in several ways, but this is not an investment where you get to see the tangible benefits immediately.