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Post 3: Nutshell Series: BMC Control-M Workload Change Manager

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In my previous post, I provided an overview on BMC Control-M Batch Impact Manager, and in this post I will touch on Workload Change Manager. Essentially this add-on is to provide an interface to facilitate Change requests to business workflow requested by Application Developers that is subsequently implemented by the Control-M Schedulers.

Application developers can be granted access to different folders and make proposed changes to jobs within that folder. Once completed, the change request is submitted to the scheduler for their review. Scheduler may approve the request and the job flow is added or rejects the request and the request flow back to the application developers.


Administrators in this module are in charge of setting the site standardizations to assist application developers and Schedulers to create job definitions and folders in a certain format.

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It is always a pain for me to understand how to recommend the number of licenses really required for an organisation especially when it comes to determine whether it must be Floating or Fixed. Of course there are other third party paid tools provide better license analysis and usage recommendations.