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Remedy Support Group Assignment Enhancement (9.1.02)

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When a support group is created for a company, it is available for resolving the company’s tickets.  However, configuring valid support groups for a company is necessary in the following scenarios:

·         A company might have multiple support groups but all the support groups may not be relevant to a ticket. Having an irrelevant support group in the assignment menu might lead to confusion or incorrect assignment.

·         A company might need to assign its tickets to the support group of another company.

The Support Group Assignment Configuration form allows you to manually configure valid support groups for a company, which can be used to resolve tickets.

This feature was first introduced in version 9.1. But can you imagine configuring this for hundred or even thousands of customer companies? You will go nuts when configuring this. The idea to avoid forbidden assignments or unintended assignments across multiple companies is good. But, don’t you think that it would be better if there is a feature to allow configure companies at global level or at company level or at org level?

In 9.1.02, this feature has been enhanced. The support group assignment configuration form now has two configuration modes:

1.       Multiple support groups to single company: use this configuration mode to do following:

·         Define multiple support groups for a single company

·         Define global support groups so that the define support groups are available for assignment to all companies

2.       Single support group to multiple companies: A service provider company might have hundreds of companies associated with it. If some of the companies in a service provider organization need to use a specific support group for resolving their tickets, this configuration mode helps in defining a single support group for multiple companies.

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