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Why should I invest in Asset Management Software to track assets?

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1.       Are your assets secured?

When you are unaware of the exact location and status of your assets, it is much easier for them to become lost or stolen.This results in time lost for locating them, lost productivity and wasted cost of replacing the missing assets. Such assets could be computers, iPads, mobile phones, furniture, office equipment, vehicles, containers, etc.

2.       What are the essential requirements of an asset management system?

As mentioned in my previous post on selecting the right Asset Management tool, one of the key aspects of an asset management system are management and financial reporting. The life cycle of an asset is considered from time of acquisition and commissioning, maintenance and deployment, to decommissioning and replacement. Locations and statuses must be updated as needed and reports on status, condition, and location must be available.

3.       Why do I need a Asset management system?

So, comes the main question, with the system, you can track assets as well as current check-in / out assets. You can implement regular asset maintenance scheduling and also see each item’s transaction history.


Auditing and accountability features are also another form of protection too.


Good Asset Management Systems allows you to track your assets by

·         Location

·         Audit Trail

·         Check In / Check Out History

·         Maintenance Schedules

Other information such as photos, manuals, purchase orders, invoices, warranties, and other documentation can also be easily linked to any asset record. Data can be customized into as many fields based on the individual users’ requirements. You can also do bulk edit your assets instead of managing them individually which improves productivity.


4.       What kind of organizations requires asset management software?

Organizations needing asset management includes small to mid-sized companies, educational institutions, equipment rental businesses, accounting departments, etc. As long as you have assets to track. Some of the organizations rely on Swiftracker asset management solution on maintaining equipment and records.

 IT asset management enables us to be immediately aware of asset location and status providing control over the assets and run the organization more productively.

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