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Nitty-Grit Differences between FootPrints ServiceCore 11 and 12 Pt2

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FootPrints version 12 was released in 2014 and was completely re-written using Java. Here are some of the little differences between version 11 and 12 based on the tips in my previous post about FootPrints workspace design.

Workflows and Escalations

FP12’s workflows and escalation engine provided more dimensions to the complexity of rules. The new workflow designer also makes it easy to visualize the different workflows created.

·         Escalation based on number of working days

·         On-screen rules to reduce java-scripting

·         Escalation based on changes of field value (state A to B)

·         Attach multiple work targets to a ticket

·         Person who close or last edited the ticket can now be easily captured

·         Clearer triggers options

·         NULL condition is now available

In summary, FP12’s workflow engine just kicked it up to a higher gear, opening up new avenues to easily configure those complicated flows.

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