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What’s new in Remedy ITSM 9.1?

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Here I take an attempt to list the enhancements to the BMC Remedy ITSM 9.1.

One of the major enhancements is on the data access. In previous versions of BMC ITSM row level security is achieved using company. If a user has access to Company A in his or her people record, the user has access to all the data (configuration data as well as ticket data).

Enhancement to BMC Remedy ITSM data access model

Support group centric ticket data access: This restricts ticket access to only those users who are directly connected to a ticket or to a support group associated with a ticket.

Support for hierarchical groups: The parent group can access its own ticket data and the ticket data of its child groups. You can extend the ticket data access to higher groups using hierarchical groups.

Assignment menus are tied to the company fields: In a multi-tenant environment the manual support group assignment is now restricted to the company the ticket is for

Merge company or support group data using data wizard

Data merging is moving the data, which includes foundation, process setup, and transactional from one data structure to another. Merging is useful in case of organizational restructuring or acquisitions.

Data Wizard Console includes a new option Merge target values that allows you to merge data between:

·         Companies

·         Support groups within a company

·         Support groups across companies

Foundation data on boarding for multiple companies with validation

Allows service providers to load Foundation data for all of the companies the support.  The Company column has been added back to the PeopleOrg, Location, Support_Group, People, and Financials spreadsheets.

KCS Support in BMC Knowledge Management

BMC Knowledge Management now provides support for the knowledge management methods defined by the Knowledge Centred Support (KCS) framework. it provides back-end support for KCS for the benefit of organizations that follow the KCS framework in the their IT support processes.

New permission groups—KCS Candidate, KCS Contributor, KCS Publisher, KCS Coach
BMC Knowledge Management user permissions and KCS user permissions are mutually exclusive. At one time, a user can have either BMC Knowledge Management user permissions or KCS user permissions. You can assign KCS permissions to users one at a time, or to multiple users in bulk using the People Management Console. If the users have existing BMC Knowledge Management user permissions, and you add KCS permissions, then the BMC Knowledge Management user permissions are automatically removed before KCS permissions are added.

·         New out-of-the box knowledge template—KCS template

·         Several new and updated backend forms and escalations

·         Data Management enhancements for creating KCS articles from the KCS template

Improved search result relevancy in BMC Knowledge Management

The default values of Boost Use Relevancy and Boost View Relevancy fields in the Application Configuration form are updated

New web service operation added in BMC Service Desk for managing incidents

The HPD_IncidentServiceInterface web service now supports the new Process_Event operation. Using the Process_Event operation, you can create or update an incident, relate an event to an incident, and consolidate related incidents.

SLM data archiving

The archiving feature that helps in reducing the size of your production data sets and improves overall system performance. 

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