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FootPrints Workspace Design Tips Pt 2

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 In the first part of this series, we talked about how reports can be a great influencing factor in the design on a FootPrints workspace.

This post will talk about the next tip, Automations and Escalations.

No doubt, the reason for laying an investment down for an application such as FootPrints, is to automate certain tasks usually handled manually. Reminder alerts, escalation to higher management as well as automated replies to the end customer are some of the usual automated tasks.

There are a few useful and commonly used automation functions in FootPrints, namely, Auto-assignment, Auto Fields and also Escalation Rules. This automation planning is done after the fields have been determined as certain fields are only triggered or required in certain stages of the ticket lifecycle or process workflow.

Mapping the current process workflow to FootPrints is also one of the key tasks during project planning. It needs to be well thought out and thoroughly understood to know how to create and sequence the escalation rules.

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Stated in ITIL, priority selection should be dependent on 2 other fields in the ticket: Impact and Urgency.  There is never a right or wrong answer for priority grading as it can vary between companies.