Turn of the Year

As vast swathes of the corporate world wound down their activities in December and re-emerge with renewed vigor in January as we speak, we at Inok Systems have not stopped putting our shoulders to the wheel. We have kept at it because some of our partners have presented additional business demands that we were eager to fulfill. At the same time, there were new partnerships forged.

This is not to say that we have not managed to take some time out to evaluate our capabilities and see how we can better serve both our current customers and future partners.

There are a couple of new endeavors that we are embarking on, with concomitant skills to acquire. All will be revealed in due time. But suffice to say that our environmental scan suggested to us that companies will not slacken their pace with regard to the adoption of automation in various business processes. With staff (both IT and non-IT) continually expected to do more with the same amount of resources, we are certainly looking at building our capabilities to assist our partners in this.

Stay tuned!

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