You can have it on-premises or in the cloud

Remedy ITSM gives you the flexibility to choose the right delivery method for your organization — whether you’re looking to embrace the reduced operating costs of the cloud, or need the additional control and visibility of an on-premises solution. You also have the freedom to move between implementation models — whatever you need Remedy ITSM has it covered.

You get a solution that’s truly enterprise-class

Used by the most demanding IT organizations in the world, and built to extend and scale, Remedy is far more than just a service desk. With the full span of ITSM tools and services, you’re aligned with ITIL processes and best practices from day one.

You can bring everything together

Manage your enterprise software licenses, provide a rich and contemporary self-service experience, control your portfolio of IT services, and so much more – all from a single ITSM solution. If you’re looking to extend your reach further in to IT operations management (ITOM), Remedy provides the ultimate platform for expansion.

You’re investing in the future

Not only will Remedy continue to define the state of the art in IT service management best practices – you can rest assured we’ll always embrace the very latest technology to extend the value of the solution. With Remedy, you’ll be streets ahead in social, mobile, analytics, and cloud computing, and you’ll also be perfectly placed for the customer experience revolution that is BMC’s MyIT.