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Footprints Integration with SCCM

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Is it possible to have integration between Footprints and SCCM? the answer is yes it's possible, there are two kinds of integrations that can be done as below:

1. Integration with Footprints Service Core using SCCM Add Ons
If SCCM Add Ons is enabled, Footprints can automatically search and retrieve the Requestor's (Contact) asset details from SCCM to Footprints.  This will be very useful for the agents if they want to search the requestor's asset details, especially when they need to obtain asset detail information which may not be maintain in Footprints CMDB.

2. Integration with Footprints CMDB
Footprints CMDB will pull the asset details information from SCCM tables, you will need to connect to SCCM database using ODBC and create a database view by joining all the asset details information from several tables in SCCM. I have created a view to get the asset details such as Computer/Server name, Model, Serial Number, Manufacturer, IP Addresses, MAC Addresses, Operating System, Processor Type, Processor Speed, Total RAM, Total HDD, etc.  The benefits of this is you no longer need to worry whether your CMDB is up to date or not, since SCCM will do the scans of all the machines, and Footprints CMDB will regulary pull that information from SCCM into CMDB so your CMDB will always be in sync with SCCM. And Footprints CMDB integration is not limited to only SCCM database, in fact it can be integrated to any other database as long you can connect using ODBC and you know the database schema.




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