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Swiftracker, the Silver Lining in Fixed Asset Management Cloud

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To the guy roaming around the office compound, equipped with his mighty clipboard, searching high and low for fixed assets for audits, I have good news for you. Your haunting days are soon to be over.

Swiftracker, a brainchild of Inok Systems, is developed to minimize the time taken to perform that painstaking annual audit and helps you to manage all your fixed assets. It also comes with a loans and reservation system for you to track your assets movement in and out of the inventory.

Swiftracker also comes with a mobile application, available on iOS and Android, for you to use your mobile device to do audits and barcode scanning. No more expensive, bulky and complicated barcode scanning device, just your smartphone will do the job!

Swiftracker is now available for public beta testing, go to www.swiftracker.com to find out more!

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