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ITSM tools in small, Medium & LARGE sizes

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Following Inoks’ recent certification as a BMC Remedy Partner, we can now provide ITSM tools in all shapes and sizes…

….. Well, maybe not all shapes but definitely we would and had offered the right solutions to the companies of various sizes.

small Deployments

For SMB who desire a structured yet efficient way to manage your IT service operations, feel free to explore our On-Premise Solution, BMC TrackIt! and our Cloud-based Solution, BMC Remedyforce.

Medium Deployments

For medium-large sized organizations that have complex requirements in workflows and processes, BMC FootPrints ServiceCore, will be able to meet those requirements and with its multi-tenancy and Swiss-Army knife concept of one-tool-many-uses, you will find that FootPrints can handle more than just ITSM related functions and goes on to tackle other business process e.g. Contract Management, CRM and many more!

LARGE Deployments

The Big Brother of all, BMC Remedy, is able to meet even the most challenging demands and have been use in large organisations all around the world. It is built to extend and scale and with its Full suite of ITSM applications built on the world renowned Action Request System, ITSM will be a walk in the park.

Want to know more on these products? Click on this link to see a comparison of these products!

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The Archiving feature available with BMC Remedy ITSM helps you to maintain system performance and to comply with record retention policies by providing a way to remove obsolete records from your production database using a regular, controlled, and predictable process.