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After BYOD comes CYOD

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CYOD or Choose-Your-Own-Device has been brought up as a topic of discussion lately, with BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) being the initial subject of the conversation.

When we say BYOD, we usually mean a policy allowing employees to bring in personally owned devices into the workplace and accessing corporate information or applications. But in doing so, keeping company and personal data becomes an issue and IT departments have their hands full when having to manage devices of all sort, from PCs to Macs, Androids to iPhones.

So why not offer the employees a choice of approved devices, which means that IT is still very much in control while employees have the flexibility to pick a device of their preference. Best of both worlds? Pretty much.

But as much as the term CYOD seems to suggest that the device is one that’ll be for corporate use, who’s going to boot up that clanky old desktop just to login to Facebook when he is on his slick corporate MacBook?

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