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Your wish to Standardize all end-user PCs environment

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Where do the majority of your incident tickets come from? I believe most will give the same answer: End user's PC issues.

Back in the good old days where employees are using dumb terminals, there is never a problem. Nobody can install anything on the terminal, no settings could be changed and everyone's environment is the same. Things has changed over the last decade, users are now given an OS to play with. They can change almost anything, from their wall paper, add IE bookmarks, install software, down to changing the registry or selecting their window patches.

When an application team is to develop an in-house software to roll-out to the end users, it is always a big hassle. Conflicting programs already installed on the PC, windows patch version not up to date, registry settings not right, permission error, etc.

How nice it would be, if there is a system standard image that we can distribute across all employees and allow them to change their personal settings on a different layer? How great it will be, if there is a "rejuvenate" button that if the systems crashes or is infected with a virus, we can revert back to the "corporate golden-image"?

Your prayers are heard.....introducing Moka5, your VDI/BYOD/BYOC solution!

Moka5 Key Features:

•Un-tethered, device-aware, and secure access on public and private networks

•Centralized management of image and policies

•Standardized single image, yet layered with user customized apps and data

•Single click recovery from malware and virus attacks

•Online and offline access, as well as out-of-band management

Do feel free to contact us for a no-obligations free demo!

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