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Measuring Agent performance

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I used to work in a IT helpdesk envorinment as a call agent. Job role is to answer calls to assist users in any of their IT related problems. There is only one mission for the team : to resolve user problems. As we are outsourced and from a vendor env, customer requested to start defining KPI and SLAs.After several meetings, afew measurements are defined:

1. Call pick-up and Voicemails
Customer dont like waiting on the phone and they expect the call to be picked up within 6 rings. Anything after 6 rings will go to the voicemail where the helpdesk agent will have to call back the customer within 1 working day. This will ensure that all the customer requests are attended to and withing the expected time-frame.

KPI set : 90% of calls picked up
KPI set : 95% of voicemail replied within 1 working day

2. FCR and Response Time
There are some issues where a ticket can be resolved over the phone. In such cases agent skills and experience of handling the customer will come in place. Customers usually reluctant to follow the instructions given over the phone and request for on-site service. If the agent is able perform a first call resolution, it shows that he is experienced and knowledgable. In a situation that the ticket require a level 2 support, the customer has to hang up the phone and wait. The level 2 assigned the ticket should respond to the customer within a time frame based on the priority.

KPI set : 20% of tickets closed with FCR
SLA set : 95% of response time met based on the priority

3. Resolution Time
Be it how fast an engineer responded to the customer, there is only 1 main object from them : "Solve my problem". From the time of the ticket is being logged till the resolution, it should be within the expected time frame based on the priority of the ticket. This is severe to the customer as they are not able to perform their normal operations before the issue is resolved.

SLA set : 95% of resolution time met based on the priority

4. Customer Satisfaction
Even in an experienced helpdesk them, this measurement is often overlooked. We can perform high FCRs, resolve all issues fast and pick up all the calls on time, but how happy are the customers? Resolving the issues can be easy if you have the IT knowledge, but keeping the customer happy or the steps you have taken to resolve the issue requires soft skills from the people. The customer satisfaction survey should be broken down into groups of questions so that the team will know which area to improve (eg. courtesy of the agent, technical knowledge skills, waiting time).

KPI set : 70% of customer surveys above score of 70




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