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The three Main Elements in ITIL

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Some people might think that buying a great tool will solve the ITIL problem, but it is actually only just 1/3 of the problem. To have a successful ITIL implementation, there are 3 main factors: People, Process and Tool.

Having a tool alone isn’t enough. A tool help in the collection of data, generate reports and measures the input. But if what is entered into the tool is wrong data or just garbage data, the output of reports will be not useful. We need the people using the tool to be educated on ITIL as well and understand the reason behind why all these data are gathered.

Process comes into play to govern people, teaching them the right way of doing things in an IT operation environment. It serves as an audit as well, having checks and approvals in between the process to serve as gate keepers. Roles, duties and delegations should be made clearly in these processes. The tool then comes in to enforce the process and designed based on the custom needs of the organisation.

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