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How to keep your Network free and clear of viruses?

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The main marketplace challenges are keeping IT free and clear of viruses introduced by hackers. Targeted email attacks are also exploiting client-side vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader, Apple QuickTime, Adobe Flash and Microsoft Office. Those same client-side vulnerabilities are exploited by attackers when users visit infected web sites and, businesses are facing challenges from the stakeholders to reduce operating costs, and at the same time, increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

BMC Footprints Asset Core can help address both the above marketplace and business challenges using the automatic patch management capability

With Automatic Bulletin Updates:  you can configure when you want your Patch Manager to download and update its catalog of vulnerability and patch bulletins.

And With the Missing Patches View:  you can View the list of the patches missing per device along with their severity level.  You can even distribute patches and other related maintenance tasks automatically outside of business hours by waking PC's, deploying the patch and then shutting machines down after the updates are complete.


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With the Asset Core Application Kiosk functionality: It allows end users to access a web-based catalog of approved software for self-service installs and avoid contacting the help desk.