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IT Asset Management with BMC FootPrints Asset Core

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Having the most recent and accurate information on all installed IT assets is essential.  By doing so, stakeholders have immediate access to necessary information at any point in time; therefore, your IT cost management will always be under control.

In order to achieve the above, BMC FootPrints Asset Core is a unique solution for managing and securing systems that provides a global overview of the complete infrastructure by using its automating administration tools as well as its securisation functionalities. Once installed on all systems the agents allow the administrator to monitor all devices from the FootPrints Asset Core administration console.

The FootPrints Asset Management Platform is composed of a Master server, a unique agent, installed on all devices and relay agents for an optimised architecture, a database as well as a unique administration console.

So, make the right decision and Start with the Right Solution with BMC FootPrints Asset Core!

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