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Incident Management under the Magnifying Glass

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Incident Management's workflow is simple!  Customer calls the helpdesk, helpdesk logs a ticket, assigns it to onsite engineers, engineer goes onsite to help customer resolve the problem.  What’s there more to talk about? 

Such statements are not wrong and genuinely reflects the overall picture, but anyone who has real job experience with this workflow will tell you there is a lot more to that, and a good management tool is really important in an organization. 

Here are some of the areas to look out for when you put the whole flow under a magnifying glass:

(will be posted in separate/future blogs)

A. The priority field and the story behind it

B. SLA - what it means

C. Assignees – whose job is this?

D. Categorizing your tickets (SCIM)

E. Reports, the real advantages it can bring

F. Service request and Incident separate them!

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