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Restart AR-Plugin without Restarting AR Service

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So I’ve been in condition where my plugin suddenly become misbehave (well, it’s become weird in some points) and every time I raise a tickets to BMC they will suggest to restart the AR Service and everything went well again. But, there’s an issue with this solution. What if your user only has 1 AR Server or what if some of your user is currently actively using the system.

So here a seamless AR Plugin restarts that you can use:

1.       Open up driver.exe

a.       (Windows) <ARInstallationFolder>\Arserver\api\driver

b.      (UNIX) <ARInstallationFolder>/bin


2.       To initialize, enter the init command.


3.       To log on, enter the log command and provide details such as user name, password, and server name.


4.       If you are not using the port mapper, enter the ssp (Set Server Port) command and then enter the server port number.


5.       Enter the ver command to verify the login information


6.       Enter the ssi(Set Server Info) command and perform the following:

a.       Enter 1 for the Number of server info operations that you want to perform.

b.      Enter 348 as the Operation number to forcefully shut down the plug-in server.

c.       Enter 2 for integer as the Datatype.


d.      Enter 0 or 1 as the Integer Value.



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