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Post 1: Nutshell Series: BMC Control-M Workload Automation

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Organizations, big and small, run batch jobs on different frequencies to achieve different business objectives. It could be as simple as a backup of configuration files of a certain application or it could be end of day point of sales processes.

What Control-M does is to provide Single focal point for all jobs across platforms and applications, allowing users to logically group and categorize the jobs, and determine what jobs should be run and when. It enables the user to set up dependencies across jobs and have exception notifications sent to them or even, takes its own corrective actions.

Complete visibility of the jobs helps the user to quickly rectify any anomalies, allowing pre-emptive actions to be taken before disaster strikes. This lowers the risk significantly and helps ensure the crucial business objectives are being met.


Control-M also comes with a wide variety of add-on modules (that I would touch on in future posts) based on current industry needs that makes it the leader in Workload Automation Arena.

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