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Report Data Access based on User Profile in Smart Reporting (Part 1)

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In Smart Reporting, there is a feature called Source Filters in Smart Reporting. Using Source Filter, we can restrict user to view data based on the user’s profile for each report.

There are 3 steps to enable the row level security for report in Smart Reporting:

1.       Create Source Filter

2.       Apply Source Filter to Field in View

3.       Create Report and Apply the Source Filter

In this article, we will talk about how to create the source filter. In the example below, we will create restriction based on the department that belong to the user who are viewing the Report.

To create source filter, you must have a reporting administrator role in Smart Reporting. From the Admin Console of the Smart Reporting:

a.       Go to the “Data Source” option and select the “AR System” data source


b.      On the Data Source details, select “Yes” for “Source Filter” under security. An additional step will be added at the top of the page.

 c.       Go to the second step, and click add to add a new Filter


Filter can be added in 3 ways: Manual Data Entry, Upload Data File, and Scheduled SQL Query. Both Manual Data Entry and Upload Data File are manual step which data cannot be scheduled to being refreshed on the specific date range. Scheduled SQL Query can be refreshed manually or by schedule.

d.       To add a Schedule SQL Query, select the last option and click “Next”.


e.      In the “Available Filter Types”, click “Edit” to Add New Filter Type


f.     On the “Filter” page, you can select the “Refresh Type” as needed and add the Filter Query. Below Filter will display all the user along with their department based on the CTM:People in ITSM. The Login ID field defined in this sample query requires that you concatenate the Smart Reporting customer name with the login ID that the user used when onboarding the customer. In the example, I have used inoks. 



g.       You can select the refresh frequency under Schedule. Click “Refresh this filter now” to generate the list of user for the first time.

h.       Click Save

We will talk about the how to map the field to the source filter in the next part of the articles.


Hope you find this article useful for you. Have a nice day! J


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